“Lenon is part of the reason I learned how to be strong in the industry we chose, thru him I was better prepared when I choreographed for Missy Elliott, P. Diddy, and Diana Ross”

Ruben “Fusion” Monet

(Los Angeles, California)

“My name is Michaela Mühlemann and I would like to tell you how Much Lenon Peachlum did helping me to find my Place in this hard Dancing Industry. I did start as a freestyle dancer way back in the 90’s. 2000 was the Year I decided to go to the audition for the First Culture Shock Dance troupe outside the USA. I was a big fan of Culture Shock San Diego, I like the way they performed their shows, and the big family atmosphere they shared was so great that I know I have to be a small part of it. Lenon was the founder and teacher, mentor and good friend of all the big talents here in Switzerland. He give us the chance to work with the best dancers ever like Culture Shock San Diego and himself. He brought you to your limits in class but always with the reason to get the best of you. To be in his class was all day hard work but also a lot of fun, then he is a great teacher, with a unique style to teach the most difficult styles so easily to you that you were always 100% sure you can make it, and that you look good with the work that you do. To go in his class is the best things you can be a part of, you never will forget the Great Spirit in his class.”

Michaela Mühlemann

(Basel, Switzerland)

“In 15 years of dancing i never had a more influencing and wiser Mentor than Lenon is. Not only did he  raise my knowledge as a Dancer but even more as a Teacher and Choreographer. This incredible entertainer does his work with 100% effort, passion and discipline.

Wherever we have been, dancers, companies and audiences wanted him back!

I will never forget how much effort he put in me to be a much better professional Dancer and Choreographer the last 3 years. He believes in you more than everybody else does and makes you feel needed and appreciated for what you do!

I hope i´ll get to see and experience  more of  his incredible knowledge and the amazing character he has! Thanks for everything Lenon!”

Mark Gerowski

(Witten, Germany)

“My name is Gus Bembery from Los Angeles and I have been teaching hip hop around the world for 12 years now.  I met Lenon when I first moved to L.A. and we grew together as both dancers and friends.  We danced  for the Culture Shock Dance Troupe, where Lenon was known for not only his  great choreography, but for his leadership/organization skills as well.  As you will hear from his other contemporaries, he is a respected artist, remarkably intelligent, and one of the friendliest people you could hope to have around.  He is a genuinely considerate, selfless, generous and inspiring human being, as you  will soon come to know.  His knowledge of the worldwide dance scene is impressive as well.  He would make sure that your students would study from the best the world has to offer.  It would only benefit you greatly to have him on your team.  This I promise.”

Gus Bembery

(Los Angeles, California).

“Lenon, you were one of my favorite dance teachers and you certainly created a very fun dance/working environment. i learned a lot from you and i truly miss both dance/hip hop and your choreography. since graduating college, my family grew, thus making it harder to go to a dance class regularly. I really miss it….I am so happy to see what you’re doing around the world. I can’t say i’m surprised because I knew that it was in you. You are so good at what you do. Dancing under you and being a part of that group was one of the best times of my dance life. I can’t wait to tell my mom i found you; she too loved you. I hope all is well with you.”

Courtney (Virgil) Lehman

(San Diego, California)

Thank you Lenon Peachlum!! You are magical. Talk about perspective…I’m in awe at the fact I get to share the stage with the most exceptional dancers and friends I ever had. Thank you Lenon for finding me in lil ole Oceanside 20 years ago. You are a core key to the impact the mission statement still has in my life!  THANK YOU, I LOVE YOU!!!!

Karmen King

(San Diego, California

Lenon and Vanessa were my first mentors and the most influential people in my dance career. They gave me confidence, taught me to believe in myself and gave me opportunities I never thought I’d have. How do you repay someone for that?…Impossible!!! Forever grateful for these two. — with Vanessa Andrada

Jimrod Gonzales

(San Diego, California)

“So, my lil’ man aka “B-man” is taking his first hip hop class at Culture Shock this Saturday! He asked if he could take lessons and do what mommy did, and I was like “heck yeah dude”! I thought I would share that I am extending my love to my son; who I hope enjoys it as much as I did, thanks to some special instructors/choreographers in my life! Because of people like you, I am able to pass along a great gift I loved doing so much! Much love Lenon!

Anna Sciarrino-Mesko

(San Diego, California)